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Fine House seouldaejeom one for the residents to ensure maximum privacy and convenience, a fully equipped house.

Each room is furnished a full set of high-quality built-in furniture, and a full range of daily necessities are provided for your stay more enjoyable.

Fine House in Seoul National University Subway Station Exit 2 near the location, ideally situated in the heart of Seoul Rooms's (see map)
Please visit our clean and comfortable accommodation space
Would feel

Fine House Facilities

Studio (WC + shower), shower (shower available)
Toilet for public use, minirum (showers, toilets for public use) by the number of rooms down the public toilets, showers
Not complicated

In-Room Amenities
- Beds, desks, chairs, drawers, closets, shelves, fridge, centrally controlled air conditioning, radiation heating, private line and can be accessed on the Internet(cable, wireless, wifi).

Sharing Facilities
- Bathroom, kitchen, washing machine, a break in the roof space and laundry room.

Safety Facilities
- Each floor CCTV, electronic door locks, fire alarm system fully checked.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact
kakaotalk i/d fh777

Get off at school, many international students hostel shuttle
Will like it

Post questions if you leave out.
Thank you.

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